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1. How to start using the program?

In order to start using the system, you just need to click the “Try it for free” button on the main page of the site. Make sure that enter your email address correctly, because you will receive a letter with data to enter the test database. After the end of the two-week trial period, you can conclude an agreement and switch to the licensed version of 4Logist.

2. How to edit an invoice?

The editing option appears when you put a tick in the form of an invoice “use a non-standard invoice template”

3. How to add an additional line when creating an invoice, for example, to include a downtime and the amount of downtime?

To add a new line in the invoice you need to click the “Add line” button in the invoice form and enter the necessary data manually.

4. There is a customer company, it has concluded contracts with both a legal entity and an individual entrepreneur. How to enter this data into the database? Sometimes the customer rents transport from a legal entity, and sometimes from an individual entrepreneur?

It is necessary to enter this company twice, and in the company’s card the one that concluded the contract with the IP, in the field “Name unofficial”, for example, write LLC “ABS” for individual entrepreneur. When you pick up this company, you will see these notes in brackets while creating a new order and you’ll be able to choose the right Customer.

5. Can I use the 4logist system by installing it on my local server?

The 4logist program for forwarders and transport companies can be installed on your local server. Also, the system can be installed on your web server.

6. What is the difference between the local version and the web solution?

The local version, compared to the web solution, has several disadvantages:
– less secure, since all information is stored in a computer in the office, which, as a rule, is poorly protected;
– there is no protection against mechanical damage to the hard drive or the computer itself;
– the local version does not support the “Personal Account” function;
– 4logist is not responsible for the operation of your server, network and communication with the server, and in the event of these malfunctions will not be able to provide assistance;
– 4logist can’t quickly resolve issues of errors or template changes;
– the local version of the program cannot be updated.

7. What are the benefits of using Web solution in logistics management?

– The Web solution does not require the installation of voluminous program on a computer. For full-fledged work, you only need a browser and Internet access;
– Web solutions do not require special configuration and administration; your administrator is the 4logist technical support team;
– The minimum technical requirements for devices are needed for the web-solution to work properly;
– Web solution is updated automatically and without stopping the operation of system;
– The Web solution provides high mobility – you can use the program on any device and in any place where there is Internet access.

8. How often is the 4logist updated?​

The 4logist logistics management program is updated monthly. At the end of each month, a list of changes and innovations to the program is compiled, which is sent to all customers and users. Customer wishes are systematized and included in the development plan.

9. Is it possible to request an individual adjustment according to our terms of reference?

Sure. The 4logist program is created in such a way that allows you to modify the program to your individual wishes and requests.

10. Is it possible to connect to the system outside the office? And is it also possible for some employees to prohibit external connections, leaving access only from the office?

The program is a full-fledged web solution and only a web browser and Internet access are required to connect. So connecting to the system is possible anywhere outside the office. If you want to prohibit employees from using the system outside the office, then this is also possible. The function allows you to specify the user and a list of IP addresses from which he/she can connect to the system.

11. Is there a “Sales Funnel” feature? And is there a function to control managers and their contacts with customers?

The “Sales Funnel” function is currently not in the system due to its lack of demand. The market situation requires more and more control over the work of employees. In this regard, a function was developed and is actively used to control the work of managers with clients. The program allows you to create reports on the number and types of contacts of managers with clients, as well as record all the actions that were performed with a particular client. Thus, the system includes all the information on both sales and CRM for sales managers.

12. Is it linked with 1C and what data can be exchanged?

The system allows you to configure integration with 1C 7.x and 8.x versions. Communication setup allows you to exchange data on orders, counterparties, received and made payments.

13. Is it possible to automate railway transportation using the 4logist transport logistics system?

To manage logistics in railway transportation, 4logist has developed a specialized version of the program for railway transportation. The following points were taken into account and implemented in logistics management for this type of transport:
– all HS and ET CIS codes are imported into the program (they are automatically tightened);
– all railway stations are imported into the program (they are pulled automatically);
– developed communication settings with wagon tracking programs such as railwagonlocation.com;
– a new “Documents” section has been added, where it is possible to maintain your corporate bank of documents with setting access rights for employees to each section of documents;
– the opportunity to include a railway and auto trips in one order (i.e., when road transport to railway is carried out);
– ability to account for the costs of wagons, etc.

14. What does the client’s account look like?

If you want to go to the Client’s account, you need to click on the link for the address of your client area, located in the Clients-Access for Clients section.
To enter the already created personal account in the demo version, use the following login information: login: test and password: test

15. Is it possible to independently change the application templates, orders forwarding agent, invoices and other documents?

You can change the text part of the templates yourself. In the Settings-Document Templates section (the default templates are changed there), when creating a document, there is always an editor where you can manually correct any document for a specific transportation.

16. Where do I enter the carrier rate?

The carrier rate is entered in the Trip card.

17. Where can I set the numbering of applications (orders)?

Order numbering is configured in “Settings-Numbering-Order number”

18. How to print out the application to the carrier?

You can download to your computer any created document in pdf format, open it and print it.

19. What do the statuses “Confirmed” and “Unconfirmed” mean in requests?

“Confirmed” is set when you create an order from the application. “Unconfirmed” – when the request is not confirmed, the reason for refusing the request is also indicated there and it goes into the Request archive.

20. Requests are highlighted in different colors, what do these colors mean?

-Light green color of the request is when the “Partial load” checkmark is on the request form;
-Pink color is when the request is urgent (in the form there is a tick, meaning that this is an urgent request);
-Orange color means the usual requests.

21. In the personal account, the client can make a request, and already on the basis of the request, does the manager create the order himself?

Yes. After the request has been created by the client in your personal account, it automatically and immediately goes into the Requests section in your system. You can also open access to documents for the client from the order, and he will immediately see them in his office with the ability to download to a computer.

22. Is it possible to export orders (as well as acts and invoices) in 1C?

Yes, it is possible to export any information to 1C, the integration is configured by the 4logist programmer.

23. What legislation do the Accounting Documents comply with?

We set up document templates and the VAT rate in accordance with the law of your country (Belarus, the Russian Federation, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Ukraine).

24. What are the stages of introducing program into an enterprise?

1) An individual base is created with an individual email address (according to the site type)
2) All parameters are adjusted to the needs of the enterprise and document templates are created according to the enterprise’s samples.
3) Program training for managers and staff.
4) If necessary, individual improvements are made to meet specific needs, after which the program is considered to be implemented at the enterprise.

25. Does the program work when there is no Internet connection?

The program is offered as a SaaS-based cloud solution.

26. How much time will it take to fully implement this product?

From 2 weeks to 1 month depending on the number of users and the need for individual modifications.