CRM system for freight forwarders and transport and logistics departments

Automation of the work of forwarders
and logisticians up to 83%
  • Reduces the human factor by up to 99%.
  • Helps to process applications 2 times faster.
  • Automates processes that affect profit growth up to 38%.
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The software
is used in 18 countries

Work with all types of transport and grouped goods

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Rail transportation
Rail Transportation
Carry out transportation by your own or borrowed trains. The system already has all railway stations with full name and code, a database of GNG codes of goods and a directory of ETSNG cargoes.
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Road transportation
Road transportation
Work with your own or borrowed vehicles. Enter all the details about the cargo and transport, export the information to the exchange, create commercial offers in 1 click.
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Air transportation
Air transportation
Transport your goods by air. Enter flight numbers in your orders, search by flight number. Necessary documents are created using templates and saved in orders.
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Sea transportation
Sea transportation
Deliver your shipments by sea, keep all documents (including bills of lading) in one place and account for your containers for prompt performance.
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Groupage cargo
Groupage cargo
Carry several orders for different customers in one flight. In the software you can combine several shipments for different customers into one vehicle.
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Multimodal transportation
Multimodal transportation
Work with different modes of transport, transfer cargo from one mode of transport to another. The software will help you manage several different types of trips in one order.

The program is adapted for work in 11 countries

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Full automation of all processes in your company in just 14 days

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is ideal,

if you need to:


Debug business processes

Delimit areas of responsibility and build algorithms for your team
Accelerate order processing by 80%

The data is downloaded automatically, no need to re-enter or scan documents

Increase company profit

Fast service increases customer loyalty and expands your customer base

Reduce errors as freight forwarder or logistician to 0.01%

The success of your business no longer depends on human mistakes

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is not suitable,
if you need to:

Find freight for transport


The software is integrated with transport exchanges, but is not designed to find goods

Build the best route
The system does not build routes, yet helps to quickly fulfill orders, execute documents
Find transport exchange
This is not a transport exchange, and therefore it is not possible to find the cargo or transport in it

The program is user-friendly, intuitive and easy to use

Caring technical support will teach you and implement the software in your business in 14 days

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Benefits of 4logist software

All data is stored in one place

Remote access to the software

Security and safety of data

Different levels of access to the program for each employee

Multicurrency invoicing

Monthly free updates

Automatic generation of documents by individual templates

Personal account where customers can download documents, track cargo and leave requests

Work with any transport and multimodal transport

Integration with 1C and modification of the software to the specifics of your accounting

Customer reviews

See what logisticians, freight forwarders and directors of transportation and forwarding companies think about working with us


Мы пришли к 4logist, когда поняли, что бессистемность в документах не дает нам качественно выстраивать общение с клиентами.
Клиентов становилось все больше, а данные все время нужно было искать. Создание и отправка документов занимала большую часть рабочего дня. Был постоянная привязка к компьютеру с невозможностью работать удаленно. А также, что немаловажно для руководителя, было сложно видеть реальную картину бизнеса из-за неточных отчетов.


С появление 4logist, мы стали грамотно выстраивать процессы, высвободилось время для поиска новых клиентов, наладилось взаимодействие сотрудников и компании, а также, мы смогли увеличить прибыль в 2 раза.

Нина Неустроева

Коммерческий директор, Мультимодальные перевозки География: Европа, Скандинавия, РФ и СНГ, Китай


Основной задачей было автоматизировать определенные процессы в работе экспедиторов и бухгалтеров


Сейчас никто уже и не может работать без 4logist, потому что с ним все быстро и эффективно. Плюс, когда в прошлом году работа перешла в удаленку и многие работали из дома, мы смогли также продолжить работу без остановок уже удаленно.
Спасибо 4logist за то, что дали нам возможность автоматизировать наши бизнес процессы и отдельное спасибо, что с вашей помощью мы реализовали блок для отдела продаж и теперь можем отслеживать всех “теплых” клиентов и анализировать их потребности в транспорте.

Кирилл Каленкевич

Директор, Транспортно-экспедиционная компания, осуществляет международные грузоперевозки по странам СНГ, Европы и Азии


Раньше мы работали стандартно с помощью excel таблицы и документов word. Это было крайне неудобно и занимало очень много времени.


После внедрения 4logist, мы увидели, что 30% времени освободилось и мы можем тратить их на поиск и работу с новыми клиентами. Очень удобно, что программа автоматически создает любые документы, подтягивает информацию по заказам и заказчикам.
Еще хочется отметить, что 4logist настраивает функционал программы под нужды конкретного пользователя, что нам очень понравилось и было необходимо.
Я рекомендую всем, кто задействован в сфере грузоперевозок программу 4logist.

Николай Гарбацевич

Специалист по организации международных перевозок, Экспедиторская компания по перевозкам груза по Европе и СНГ

Facilitates the work and increases the efficiency of each employee

Increase profits by 10%-30%

You get an advantage over your competitors: quick execution of orders without errors, convenient personal accounts for clients, where they can track the status of their order

Reducing the workload of logisticians and freight forwarders by up to 80%

Automatic generation of documents in 1 click and full transparency of your staff

Further advantages over competitors

Customers may track the status of their orders from a private account on the website. Quickly and conveniently

Set credit limits

Regulate the level of payments and receivables

Control your employees’ work remotely

Request a report or control a task anytime, anywhere

All company work statistics in 1 click

Control managers’ work, credit limits, payments and orders statuses. Get all the data you need for strategic planning in 1 click

Protect your data

Customize the level of access to the database for each employee, making it impossible to download your database and get access to private data

Reduce order processing time by 30-50%

There is no need to scan or fill out paperwork repeatedly.

Make fewer mistakes and avoid VAT mishaps

Data is inserted into documents using approved templates

Documents are automatically sent to the accounting system

Keep busy and don’t waste time on routine work

Purchase orders for transport exchanges using one button

Respond faster than competitors to offers

Commercial offers for clients

Are formed within the system and can be sent directly to their email

Customer notifications on cargo status

May be sent instantly to email or WhatsApp from within the software.

Automatic generation of documents

Save precious time and eliminate mistakes in documents

Work remotely

Check order processing or reply to the customer anytime, anywhere

Process your documents quickly

They are correctly executed, there is no need to return for reworking them

Generate reports in 1 click

There is no need to waste time reviewing debits and credits and checking for errors.

Documents are sent to the accounting automatically

No need to search for employees or demand documents

No routine

The data automatically gets to 1C or your accounting software, you don’t need to enter it manually

Send your billing to a logistician

A manager issues invoices with a single button, all you have to do is check the VAT rate

Caring technical support will help implementing the software within just 2 weeks

A personal manager will help you set up your database and teach you how to use the software

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Database transfer

Transfers the entire database, even if you’ve kept it in different sources, and loads it into the system

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Answers to questions

Answers all your questions about the software and templates via popular communication channels

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Customizing the software

Customizes the software for your company and adjusts document templates

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Teaches you how to work with the software and connects you to the knowledge base in video and text format

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Implementation Manager

We guarantee that the implementation will take no more than 14 days or we will return your money

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Sign up for a free presentation of the program

We will show you, your employees and your manager the features of the software. Answer your questions and give you 7 days free access to the software
Schedule an online presentation

Thanks to
cloud technology:

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Work remotely from anywhere in a single system

Quick and easy order, shipment and payment status tracking

Automatically generate reports and monitor the work of the company and managers

Communicate with customers in comments or call them directly from within the program
Work at any time and from anywhere: at home, on a holiday or on a business trip

Your data is securely protected


Data is stored in a special data center. Where it is protected from hacking, possible fires, power surges, losses and disruptions


Backup storage on Amazon servers. Which is one of the largest commercial cloud solutions providers


Total data privacy. Information is transmitted via secure https protocol, which guarantees data privacy. SSL/TLS cryptographic protocols are responsible for information security. They encrypt data and keep it safe

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cloud img 3

You can restore your database at any time from the last 30 days


Every day at 24:00, we create a full copy of your database and store it in a separate backup system for 30 days


If necessary, we restore your database of any of the last 30 days


Thanks to the access rights settings no one except you can access your database

Always up-to-date version of the software

Every month the software is updated. All updates occur automatically and without any technical interruptions
You don’t need any IT-specialists. All questions and problems are promptly resolved by 4logist technical support
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Client’s personal account frees you from routine

Customers can now:

klient en 2
1. Create Requests

You will only need to redirect the request to the exchanger

2. Track order status

You do not need to take a break from your work

3. Leave comments

Communicate with clients without leaving the system

4. Download invoices
Invoices will not get lost and you will not need to send them to the client
5. Monitor payments
An indicator will tell you the actual information
6. View documents

All documents are attached to the order

These are the results our customers achieve with 4logist



Транспортно-экспедиционная компания, занимается мульти-модальными перевозками в Казахстан, Белоруссию, Польшу


Дней на внедрение программы в компанию

Месяцев активной работы в программе


Раза выросло количество клиентов

Увеличилась прибыль за время работы в 4logist

Ускорилось время оформления заявок

ngtrans 1

“НГ Транс”

Транспортно-экспедиционная компания, занимается мульти-модальными перевозками в Казахстан, Белоруссию, Польшу


Дней на внедрение программы в компанию

Месяцев активной работы в программе


Раза выросло количество клиентов

Увеличилась прибыль за время работы в 4logist

Ускорилось время оформления заявок

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The 4logist software is already used by more than 400 companies in 18 countries

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ATE Logistics
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