Analytics in logistics

Опубликовано: 26.01.2023

Highly developed competent logistics analytics – it is an effective tool for the development of every modern business. It makes it clear the main problems regarding the current system of the company and helps to build each of its elements according to all the requirements and current rules.


It will be appropriate to list some of the issues that fall under the scope of analysis, which can be found in this area more often than others:

  • Service level. Logistics involves constant contact with customers, so it will be useful to control the shortcomings in this area and take them into account in the future.
  • Budget planning and control over the execution of the planned plan. Typically, a spending plan is prepared a month in advance, but there are also longer-term forecasts for six months or twelve months.
  • Customer orientation. It implies the correct construction of a conversation with customers, designing a discussion, as well as optimizing the supply process for user requests.
  • Resource tracking and scheduling. Preliminary analytics in logistics regarding costs will allow the purchasing department to anticipate when resources will run out and replenish stocks before they are depleted, avoiding delays and delays in orders.

Compliance with all of the above methods guarantees a logistics company or department a significant increase in the level of efficiency and productivity. Logistics analytics helps to avoid a large share of errors that will affect the company’s reputation among individuals and legal entities, as well as the overall performance of the enterprise. In the transport industry, there are many areas where you can significantly reduce costs without compromising the quality of service. An organization’s success requires complete, correct information about the costs of transportation. Having reliable knowledge about this item of expenditure will greatly simplify bookkeeping. Analytics in logistics helps to identify negative trends in the current costs of the business, quickly find the main sources of existing problems, and respond to them in a timely manner. With regular data processing, you can get a detailed predictive analysis that affects performance, service quality, processing speed and transportation of incoming orders.

Analytics in logistics based on CMS as one of the correct and reasonable solutions 

First of all, the reason for such prevalence and relevance of analytical processes in this area lies in its systematization. Competent analysis employees literally predict the activities of logisticians for long periods in advance, preventing their possible mistakes and shortcomings. In addition, business intelligence in logistics based on CMS allows you to maximize and automate the delivery of goods and orders, significantly reducing the time of their transportation to the destination. The fact is that this practice involves the use of special carrier scorecards and information panels loaded into the system and having the ability to be continuously updated depending on changes in the situation. The so-called dashboards in practice, or the same information panels that are actively practiced by analytics in logistics, have another no less valuable plus – their noticeable visualization and ease of transmission makes it possible to visually see the entire situation in the logistics system without complex reports and lengthy comparative analyzes in writing.

When entering data into the database, the risks of failures and errors are minimized, if not completely eliminated, which facilitates the performance of department employees, the cargo carriers themselves, as well as the company’s customers.

The heads of companies that have already included this option in the work of their company also name another objective plus that is valuable to them. It is due to the fact that in CMS it is impossible to access information from unscrupulous attackers, which distinguishes this system from the well-known Word Excel. All resulting data is securely encrypted and accessible only to authorized persons who have a password.

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