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4logist video tutorial number 2. Working with the Orders section

2. “Orders” – consists of 6 parts: Orders, Issued Invoices, Received Invoices, Payments, Payments Made, Cargo Status.

2.1. The “Orders” section – contains all the orders with which work has been or is underway (Orders have the statuses: Planned, Current and Fulfilled. Each status is highlighted in color for convenience).

2.2. The order includes the following functional sections: Cargo, Trips, Other expenses, Documents, Statuses, Accounts, Comments, Reminders.

2.2.1. The “Cargos” Section allows you to add one or more cargos to the order by clicking on the “+ Add” button. Information on the cargo is entered in the card, which is then used to automatically create documents (application for the carrier, application for the client, etc.). The “Save as template” function allows you to create your own templates for any cargo and save time during the subsequent creation of a similar cargo.

2.2.2. The “Trips” Section allows you to create one or more trips in an order that we (and) carry cargo (by clicking on the “+ Add” button). The trip card contains information about the carrier company, vehicle numbers, driver, transportation cost, route (route, loading and unloading dates – are automatically entered when you click the + Standard Route button). Trip information is also then used to automatically create documents (application for carrier, etc.)

2.2.3. The “Other expenses” Section allows you to enter information about additional costs associated with the carriage of goods in the order. The amount of expenses made in this section is automatically deducted from the profit for this transportation.

2.2.4. The “Documents” Section – allows you to automatically create the necessary documents using ready-made document templates (Application for the carrier, Application for the client, Act of completion, etc.). It is also possible to attach any documents (CMR, photos, insurance, etc.) and store them in one place as part of this order.

2.2.5. The “Accounts” Section – allows you to automatically create accounts for a client (customer) with the ability to quickly edit them manually if necessary.

2.2.6. The “Statuses” Section – allows you to set the status of the cargo (location, date, time, comment). Setting the status of the cargo enables your client (customer), subject to the creation of his Personal Account, to independently see information about the cargo and its status.

2.2.7. The “Comments” Section – allows you to make a comment on this order (cargo, flight) and, if necessary, attach any files to the comment.

2.2.8. The “Reminders” Section – allows the manager to set reminders regarding the order (customer, cargo, etc.). Also, reminders (notifications) can be set by the head, addressing it to several managers (For example: instructing on a particular issue). The reminder comes both to the 4Logist system itself, and to the manager’s email, which allows him to see important information in time, and the leader to monitor the task.

2.3. The “Issued invoices” Section contains information on all invoices issued to customers and allows you to control the balance of payments.

2.4. The “Received invoices” Section contains information on all received invoices and allows you to control the balance of payments with carriers.

2.5. The “Payments” Section contains information on incoming payments from customers and allows you to see the history of all payments.

2.6. The “Payments made” Section contains information on payments made to carriers, and allows you to quickly (using a filter) get information on which account and when the payment was made.

2.7. The “Cargo Status” Section – allows you to view the status of goods on orders. In this section you can filter by order number, by date and by customer, which allows you to quickly find the necessary cargo and view its status.


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