Voronov Sergey

Head of Department


We have been using 4logist for a little less than a year.

After the implementation of the program, such processes as the formation of applications, the search for old information, and reporting were accelerated. The issuance of documents also noticeably accelerated and paper consumption decreased due to the formation of an electronic document (for example, an application to the carrier).

Among the advantages are: editing and customizing the program for yourself. True, there are also disadvantages, for example, the inability to enter an income article in the file, as well as the fact that you can enter only the expense in the form of a new shipment.

I would very much like to add to the program the ability to add an additional revenue item to the order.

The price for the maintenance of the program is quite affordable.

I recommend using the 4logist program to expeditionary companies, both beginners and age-related ones, since the program is essentially a transformer and can be edited for any needs and processes.