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We came across the 4Logist program at one of the lectures in continuing education courses.

We have been using 4Logist every day for the second year now, and we believe that this is a good choice for small and medium freight forwarding companies and carriers.

4Logist allows you to:

– conduct operational work on transportation by various means of transport;

– generate and store documents (contracts, acts, accounts, applications);

– fix contacts with customers (receiving requests, calculating rates);

– keep financial records, control receivables and payables;

– track various statistics on the company, counterparties, managers, rates, etc.;

– provide customers with access to transportation documents through their personal account;

– to work remotely.

4Logist is quite flexible and intuitive, it is easy to configure it for you.

Technical support responds promptly to requests, and developers are attentive to

suggestions for improving the program.

Without giving specific numbers, after switching to 4Logist we note such changes in our company:

1) document processing of orders goes much faster, mechanical errors have almost disappeared due to inattention;

2) many business processes have become more efficient: from marketing to communication between departments;

3) the number of “forgotten” customers decreased.

We recommend switching to 4Logist for our partners, and this is probably the most eloquent review. 4Logist saves you time, and time turns into money 🙂