Лавышик Бажена


PE “Reacant”

We have been looking for a suitable program in the market for a long time.

The main requirements for us were:

– seller’s responsibility for the product

– adequate price

– intuitive interface and logical data entry

– the ability to use templates of your own form of documents

– output the necessary reports with one click

– possibility of refinement for a specific price

– accessibility of the programmer during working hours WITHOUT arriving in the office and without hourly fees!

– reduction of paper workflow!

– and most importantly ACCESS and CONTROL from anywhere in the world!

All this and even more than that, we received from Golden Sky LLC with their 4logist product.

All necessary corrections are made in one call to the manager!

The price for use is very affordable…

Only three hours of time were spent learning how to use the employee program!

We work in our own templates, but much more orderly and standardized!

We heartily thank Dmitry Martsinkevich! Thanks to him, it has become much easier for us to conduct workflow and have access to the database at any time and from anywhere.

We recommend the 4logist product as the most user-friendly.